Whats Self-care Means According to Authors on Instagram

5 Best ways on how to practice self-care According to Authors on Instagram. A while back, I shared a post with self-care act ideas that spark joy in my life. Once in a while, I re-visit this post and I recently found that being outside and decluttering my space has been making me feel positive and makes me feel calm.

Besides using Instagram for posting my own pictures, I also use the platform to find inspiration and motivating posts. I save creative pictures that spark inspiration and curiosity for future reference. For a long time, I used to save quotes only for my personal use. However, I recently started to share some of the quotes on my Instagram stories with encouraging, positive or motivating messages. The response has been positive, and I notice that the majority of my followers enjoy these quotes.

Self-care is becoming a HOT topic on social media. Lately, many authors are sharing encouraging the importance of self-care. They teach us how to take care of ourselves and boost our mental health. Below, I am sharing some of my recent favorite self-care posts from different authors on Instagram. I hope you will like them, and in case you know accounts on Instagram that share such messages, kindly let me know. I would like to follow them.

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