Wearing Pyjamas Set All Day While Working At Home.

PS: Pyjamas set on this post are PR/Gift from Hunkemöller.

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One thing that I have been doing this year while working from home is dressing up. It encourages me to look forward to getting things done. In one of my earlier posts HERE, I mentioned how hanging out in Pyjamas/ PJ’s can affect my productivity. One of my main reason was that when working from home, it is important to separate work and private life. And wearing PJ’s can easily make one feel lazy and unproductive.

When I tried my newest PJ’s set from Hunkemoöller a few days ago, I nearly screamed. It is the most comfortable set I have tried and own in my closet. I love the velvet material, soft finish, and the colour, which I find perfect for the holidays. You can wear each separately by mixing it with other items. For instance, you can wear a sweater with a pair of jeans. I don’t if it only me, but lately, I notice that loungewear/PJ’s are becoming so popular. Perhaps, it is because they are the best pick on days where dressing up feels like a task? Throw on a denim/winter jacket and pair the PJ’s with sneakers, and you have a cozy and chic weekend outfit. 

Since I work mostly from home, I decided to wear the pyjamas set during my digital online classes. I had a surprisingly relaxing day. I accomplished my to-do list without feeling lazy. In the future, if I wear this set again, I will add a white shirt underneath the sweater to give it a more official look.

Whether you are into fluffy pyjamas, luxury silky PJ’s, or are into cotton with designs and prints and accessories, Hunkemöller has a large selection. I highly recommend looking at their pyjamas section for a PJ perfect for a slow start in the morning or a fun evening after a long day. Hunkemöller is spoiling you with different choices. 

Pyjamas - PJ's - Michelle Bastholm
Pyjamas - PJ's - Michelle Bastholm
Pyjamas - PJ's - Michelle Bastholm
Pyjamas - PJ's - Michelle Bastholm
Pyjamas - PJ's - Michelle Bastholm
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