Traveling To Berlin with a 5-Month-Old​ Baby

We recently traveled to Berlin for an appointment at Kenyan Embassy. Our initial plan was to make it a super short trip as possible in August, but it came to our senses that perhaps, it would be nice to take a mini-vacation during September while Axel is still on maternity leave. 

The scariest part, and at least for me, was not being able to calm Leo if he had to cry.  He is naturally a happy boy, but he can get fussy when falling asleep. It turned out that I was worried for no good reason. I tried to get creative, but I think what worked for us was to follow his day and night schedule. He took naps like he does when we are at home. We also made sure to take breaks, so he could stretch and kick, as he loves it so much. 

Leo is in a phase where he gets distracted while breastfeeding, so offering him a pacifier during takeoff and when landing helped in settling him down from the noises and pressure. It enabled him fall asleep too.

Navigating in Berlin was easy with both metro and on feet. We walked a minimum of thirteen kilometers every day. It is weeks ago since Leo took a long nap, but while in berlin, he had 2-3 hour morning naps which allowed us to explore the city. 

Berlin, to me, is a combination of history and modern stories. Walking around on the streets, I saw remains from the world war. And, almost every corner is full of history.  It was fascinating, as I have only read or heard (a few times) about the historical events either at school or watched them on television.  On the other hand, the city is full of vibrant energy, it is charming and lots of tourists, as we experienced it. This contrast made our trip even more interesting to discover Berlin. 

Pictures by both Axel and Me

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