Why I Took Small Break From Blogging

It’s been a while since my last post. I missed blogging but with last-minute wedding preparations and making sure everything was as planned had me a little stressed and the reason why I took a small break. Both my mom and my sister traveled back to Kenya, and I needed to adjust to the emptiness in the house. All of a sudden, it was only Axel and me. It felt strange to come home from school and there I was, sitting on the couch all by myself and no one to talk. I have now gotten used to the fact that I am alone again when Axel is at work and instead of feeling sad, I feel grateful that I had my family here in Denmark for three weeks.

I haven’t shot as much as I like to do while I had my family on the visit but once in a while, I would take my camera out and shoot a few shots. The pictures on this post are from different places at different time. From beautiful flowers that Axel mom picked for me, windy day in Aalborg to a one day tip to Gothenburg, Sweden.  Will be back with a full outfit post soon.

As always, Thank you so much for reading and talk to you soon!

Flowers from Axel’s mom

Windy day in Aalborg. I couldn’t even shoot a decent picture 

Walking in town after school. I was with my mom, sis, and Axel

In Gothenburg, Sweden for a day

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