Things I loved About Sunday

I spent a few hours all alone in the house this Sunday. I wrote a birthday letter to Axel’s mom, and hand made the envelope by following a Pinterest tutorial. My arms and abs are sore from a Sunday morning workout. Axel and Leo decided to go for a ride. Afterward, I cleaned the house but got super tired after an hour and a half. I still feel like there so much cleaning that needs to be done, especially that Leo walks and touches the glass on the doors and windows with his small greasy fingers.😅

I like the idea of multitasking, like putting on a mask and washing my hair while watching YouTube videos. It is a habit I adopted like three years ago or so. I find it so relaxing! I had the time to sort my pictures which I had not done in a long time and that felt good. And, I can now finally start editing the self-portraits that I have shot in the last couple of weeks.

Amidst all the stress of the current situation, I feel glad that I was able to have my time and do things that made me enjoy my Sunday. I hope you are positive and that you are taking care of yourself. I wish you a lovely week ahead!


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