SushiMania XO Gourmet in Aalborg

A while back, BRUUN PR invited me with other bloggers at the SushiMania XO in Aalborg. A restaurant with the coziest atmosphere for an exceptional dining experience which is both relaxing and friendly. In case dining at the restaurant is not what you are opting for, SushiMania XO has a takeaway option. My love for sushi started when I tried it a couple of years ago during my first dates with Axel. And once in a while, we try and treat ourselves with sushi. For this event though, I was most excited to try Sushi Mania XO gourmet which they served that evening.

I am not an expert when it comes to sushi, but I did love their gourmet and the experience. The starter consisted of rice pop chips topped with tuna tartar and spicy mayonnaise. Aside, there was also steamed mini sandwiches with fried shrimps, mayo, and chives as toppings. For the main course, they served us different kinds of sushi such as; spicy tuna, salmon supreme, salmon pop, and rainbow dragon. My favorite that night was the tempura shrimp and chicken nuts. I enjoy tea much more than I enjoy a cup of coffee. And, their tea experience was the best I had. The waiter served us strawberry tea green in Chinese inspired cups which made the experience even more fun.

My overall experience with SushiMania Xo on that evening was great. The waiter who served us ensured that everything went smoothly from explaining the food at each course to ensuring that we had a lovely evening. I am planning to take Axel for a sushi date there sometime soon. As I know, he will like it as much as I did.

Thank you to BRUUN PR and SushiMania Xo for making inviting me to this event.

Also, Thank you for reading this post! See you in the next post at the end of this week.

Photography by me, Michelle

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