Summer Vacation Has Come to an End + New Start

Summer vacation has come to an end. Looking back at our vacation, I enjoyed having family time and slow days. It felt great to slow down and just focusing on detaching myself from everything. Axel is back to work, while Leo is back to daycare. Well, for me, at the moment, my new routine, after being a graduate, consists of searching for a job, research companies that I want to send unsolicited applications. I also have webinar courses, plan to edit pictures and videos that I shot during vacation, and of course, a few things here at home.

Just before summer vacation, I was having a conversation with a close friend. One of the things we discussed was about closing/shutting down a blog. The conversation had me think so much about my blogging journey.

I started this blog just for fun, and it still is. It is not a source of income. However, I have had some great brand collaborations which I am super grateful for. I like sharing ideas that are based on experinces,  my day to day adventures, or tips that are useful in different situations. 

But, from now on,  I would like to invite you into this space and involve you in the process of creating content. You can, for example, share ideas that you think make sense to discuss here. It could be anything to do with marriage, taking care of kids, hair, or other topics that you feel are relevant and would like us to discuss, etc. I am excited to listen to your thoughts and ideas.

As, always Thank you so much for the support, for being part of this journey and reading my posts…xx 

PS: pictures shot by both Axel and I during our vacation

Summer vacation - Michellebastholm
Summer vacation - Michellebastholm
Summer vacation - Michellebastholm
Michelle Bastholm

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