Summer Brunch at Penny Lane and Getting Emotional After Exam

Axel and I went for brunch in town while mom took care of Leo at home. Usually, we do brunches at home, but this time, when Penny Lane invited me to try their summer salad offer, I knew I had to take him with me. We both had a good time and enjoyed the cozy atmosphere, as well as their salads and organic juices. One thing I can not resist whenever I visit penny lane is their ginger, lemon, and honey tea, which I like to drink often. Thanks, Penny Lane for inviting us!

These past weeks have been full of events that left us feeling Thankful, as we spent most of the time with our family. Leo got baptized last Sunday, and I was super nervous. I thought he would cry in the church during baptism. But our little boy surprised us. Although he did not get his morning nap at 9 am, he was calm and kept on smiling. And during a small reception that we had at home, he was quiet and did not make a single sound. We are so proud of him! We hired a photographer, and I am glad we did. One day, I will show Leo the pictures of his baptism and tell him how happy and smiley he was.

I’m finally having a summer vacation. My group and I were at the exam, and we all passed with a top grade. I got so emotional right after, as it was tough writing project while at the same time taking care of an infant. I was afraid at some point that I would not able to deliver project assignments on time and even forced myself to work twenty-four hours during one of the days. Also, and in most days, I was sleep deprived. I still don’t know how I did it, but I can only say that I feel like the luckiest woman. Both my mom and Axel believed in me and offered me full support. And for this, I am beyond grateful.

I have no plans for summer, yet. My main focus is to spend as much time with Leo as possible and perhaps, explore Aalborg city more and try to find some hidden places during our morning walks when he is sleeping.

What are your plans for summer? Sending you positive vibes and looking forward to talking to you soon, again.

Penny Lane - Twenty7bymichellePenny Lane - Twenty7bymichelle
Penny Lane - Twenty7bymichelle
Penny Lane - Twenty7bymichelle
Penny Lane - Twenty7bymichelle
Penny Lane - Twenty7bymichelle
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