My Secret On How I Stay Positive

 On my Instagram stories, I recently shared the importance to stay positive and calm when going through hard times. Looking back, and in my early twenties, I was not a positive woman. And, if I was, I cannot remember being aware of it. What I do remember is that I was jealous of my friends. In my head, they seemed to have everythign figured out, while I on the other hand, did not have much or close to what they had. 

Life lessons and things that I experienced began to teach me to stay positive and focus on the good in life. I did not just wake up one day, and abruptly changed. It took years of mistakes, tears, and learning to finally say that I am confident and grateful for where I and what I have in my life. I stopped doing comparing myself with other people’s lives and their achievement.

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Stay Positive - Twenty7byichelle
Stay Positive - Twenty7byichelle
Stay Positive - Twenty7byichelle

Setting small goals and focusing on them while also celebrating my achievements. It has helped me keep positive thoughts and energy. Instead of thinking about why other people are doing better than I do, I motivate and push myself to learn something new. When I get out of my comfort box and try something different, it fuels me with new ideas. It also stops me from letting fear cripple in my life and creating a bubble of self-doubt. Running and working out has had a tremendous impact on me. It is how I de-stress after a long day. I realize that when I help, listen, encourage, or have a good conversation with other people; I do not only stay positive, but, it also spreads to the other person. These are small things that I practice every that help me stay positive.

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