How I Motivate Myself to Stay Active at home

How I Motivate Myself to Stay Active at home. If you are part of my small Instagram community, you already know that I went back to fitness three weeks after giving birth. My plan was not to go hard or crazy with workouts, as I was still in pain. Being home during the first weeks as a new mom was somewhat stressing. Breastfeeding was challenging, and there were so many new things that I was learning at that time, which left me feeling overwhelmed. Walking was a great way to escape home for just a quick moment, to stretch and free my mind from many thoughts. It changed how I felt, and instead of being sad, I would go back home with increased positive energy.

So far, I can run 5km at a slow pace, and I have started to incorporate core workouts. I am cautious not to do exercises that directly target my stomach. Lately, and after my mom traveled back to Kenya, I have limited time to exercise. Motivating myself to stay active while at home and continuing with my workouts is essential. First, I got a new mix and match set of workout clothes that motivates me to exercise. Second, I dress as if I am going to the gym because I can be lazy or have too many things to do and forget to workout. I do small exercises here at home. Squats and lunges are my favorites at the moment or YouTube videos if I am looking for inspiration. And, last I mind what I eat, though I do cheat once in a while.

Tell me, how you motivate yourself to stay active?

Thank you, Hunkemöller for gifting my fitness clothes.

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Stay Active
Stay Active
Stay Active
Stay Active
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  1. July 7, 2019 / 10:57 pm

    Seeing the transformation on the mirror is my biggest motivation. I also like how I feel after the workout or a run and the energy I get to run after my two very active babies. I also take it easy, if I am tired I rest. I eat as clean as possible but I also have cheat days 🤷🏿‍♀️. You are doing so great ma❤️❤️

    • July 10, 2019 / 7:54 am

      I feel the same way too, Nancy. it is such a nice feeling. Right now, I am not able to run as much as I did while my mom is here but I make sure to workout from home, and if I don’t have the time, then I don’t stress much. I am trying to find balance, which I think can be difficult sometimes, but hopefully, I will find a routine that allows me to go for a run like 3 times a week. You are doing great too. Thank you!❤️

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