How To Spend Money Wisely This Christmas Holiday

With Christmas just right here at the corner, shopping for gifts can be overwhelming. I come from a background where gifts are not a thing. Instead, we love to wear something new on Christmas eve, so sharings gifts have not been part of my tradition, and at least from the family I come from. But living here in Denmark for the last ten years has somehow changed my perspective. Exchanging gifts is a beautiful gesture and a way of showing appreciation of the person receiving them. The big question is, how can you spend money wisely this Christmas holiday? Below are some tips that could help us save while gift hunting.

Make the gifts yourself

I find making gifts cheap and pocket-friendly if you don’t have so much money to spend. A pair of earrings like I showed you on this post, would be a perfect gift for your sister or a friend. It does not necessarily have to be earrings. Pinterest is a good source of inspiration in case you don’t have an idea of what to do or make.

Master the art of finding good deals

Sales can be overwhelming, but it is crucial to master the art of finding good deals. It will save you money instead of paying full price. Thrift shops are another great place. They always have good deals, and it is possible to find something for less money.

Start buying gifts early

Last minute shopping can result in high spending at least in my opinion. You are in a rush and want to get done with shopping. And perhaps, you not considering how much money you want to spend.  Buying Christmas gifts as early as possible will not only save time but also, you will have enough time to spot all the sales in good time and be able to grab that perfect gift for your loved one.

Make a list of gift and set a budget for each gift

Having a list will help you stick to the gifts that you only need to buy. The idea is to avoid overspending money on unnecessary gifts and also make impulse buying.

Redeem your points for further discounts

If you like collecting points from specific shops as I do, then this is the right time to redeem them.  I noticed that some shops give extra discounts which will help save even more money.


These are just a few of my tips on how to use money wisely this Christmas. Would love to hear how you try to save money when gift shopping for family and friends this season!

Thanks for reading and Happy shopping for Christmas gifts. Talk soon!

Photography by Benya 

Spend Money Wisely - Twenty7bymichelle

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Red Velvet Purse – Ideal of Sweden 

Skirt – (old) H&M

Top – Gifted

Boots – Nelly 

Beret – Thrift Shop

Spend Money Wisely - Twenty7bymichelleSpend Money Wisely - Twenty7bymichelleSpend Money Wisely - Twenty7bymichelleSpend Money Wisely - Twenty7bymichelleSpend Money Wisely - Twenty7bymichelle

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  1. Elizabeth
    December 5, 2018 / 5:05 pm

    The outfit is gorgeous it all came together well . I agree it’s always good to shop early saves you some coins .

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