My September List

September List! The temperatures are slightly dropping, it is crispy in the air, and the trees are slowly changing colors, which means that fall is here. I am not ready for the extreme cold during winter, but what I am most excited about this cozy season are the chunky sweaters, eating soup for dinner, and the fall colors. As a photographer, I have always loved the light during the fall and specifically during the evenings.

September Intentions are as follows

  • I just finished a three-week intense course on how to search for a job. My plan this month is to put everything I learned into practice.
  • I am currently cleaning my closet, as I have outgrown some of the items that I own. It feels strange to even look at it, as it seems empty. But, I need to get rid of the stuff that I have not worn or used in more than five months.

I’m looking forward to

  • Shopping for new clothes that are suitable for both business and casual looks.
  • Enjoying pumpkin spice and chai lattes. They are my favorite hot beverages during the fall season.
  • Listen to a minimum of two audiobooks. I haven’t found yet what I was to listen to, but I do know one of the books should be about marketing.
  • Taking advantage of the lighting during fall and shoot many pictures as possible.

We are celebrating

  • On the 15th of September, we will be celebrating two years of being married. We plan to order sushi from our favorite sushi restaurant and have it at home in a cozy dinner setting. There is something about our age that makes us choose dining at home instead of the restaurants.

I have to

  • Get back to my training at least once a week. I did not focus much on core training in the last couple of months, and as a consequence, my body muscles have reduced.
  • Sew my clothes. I have a bunch of clothes that need a bit of sewing to either reduce the waist or repair small holes, and I have to get that done. They have been lying on the floor for almost two months now. 😀

I wish you a great month. As always, Thank you so much for reading! Talk to you soon!

Pictures shot by Benya

PS: I am wearing gifted shoes by Woden Sneakers

September - Michelle Bastholm
September - Michelle Bastholm
September - Michelle Bastholm
September - Michelle Bastholm

Michelle Bastholm

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  1. September 23, 2020 / 10:29 am

    These picture were so much fun! And what a lovely list 😀

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