Are You Afraid Of Saying NO?

Do you ever feel like you are selfish to your friends when saying no to them? For me, and when I look back in my twenties, I think saying no to my friends or family was difficult. It felt as if I was hurting or letting them down, which brought a feeling of guilt in me. Another reason was the fear of losing my friends. There was so many “what if” that stopped me. It caused me stress and sometimes, sleepless nights because I thought I would be selfish if I said no.

As I grow older, I realize that saying no is acknowledging that I am not happy or comfortable with some events that may happen between me and my friends or family. It is learning how to work on my inner peace by being honest and allowing other people to learn about my boundaries and what they can expect from me. Besides, saying no is a way of creating space for things that matter, are important and add value in my life. 

I no longer feel guilty or that I am selfish when I say no to people, as I did many years back. What I know is that it is crucial, to be honest, and kind when approaching and talking to them. In an article that I read, they say that it is okay not to share so much information concerning the choice you make, but instead let the person(s) know when you can say yes. By doing this, they will not feel that you are just shutting them down, but you are taking the time to think about what they are asking for before you make a decision. 

My overall conclusion when saying no to others is to be clear with information and kind when approaching them. Be confident in yourself because you are demonstrating that you understand your boundaries while at the same time, you respect the other person(s) by providing an answer to why you are saying no. 

Are you afraid of saying no to people? Let me hear your thoughts.

Thank you so much for reading!

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saying-no - Twenty7bymichelle
saying-no - Twenty7bymichelle
saying-no - Twenty7bymichelle
saying-no - Twenty7bymichelle
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