Essentials When Road Tripping With a 3-Month-Old Baby

We recently drove to Zealand with Leo. And, as I mentioned in the previous post, I was super scared of how everything would turn out, especially after he got his vaccination on that same day. As I wrote, the journey turned out pretty smooth. I did learn that it is super important to consider the essentials below when road tripping with a 3-month-old baby.


Regardless of how long or short nap a baby takes, they will be awake at some point. Leo loves when I talk and play with him right after he wakes up from his naps. I sing all kinds of baby songs that I remember from my childhood. And since I suck in Danish baby songs, Axel and his mom suggested a few that I found on YouTube and worked perfectly fine. Toys were also useful. The key point is to entertain the baby with tools to keep them calm and avoid a fussy baby before you have a stop.


With our experience, it was necessary to take small breaks. We changed diapers, fed him, stretched, and grabbed something for us to eat. Leo got a little meltdown during our last break, but luckily, we only had twenty minutes left before we arrived in Faxe Ladeplads, a small city in Zealand.


Axel came up with this idea, and I agree with him. Packing snacks for the grown-ups on long drive is also essential. After driving for a couple of hours, we all realized that we did not have anything in the car. Usually, we have nuts, water, and perhaps fruits, but this time, our concentration was on Leo. The idea of having snacks is to avoid making stops while the baby is sleeping.

Baby supplies

Besides having a weekend bag for Leo, we also brought with us another bag that had few bodies, extra diapers, wipes, pacifiers, hot water, formula milk, sweater, socks, blanket, and hat. This list sounds long, but with a small baby, and especially when they cry or need an emergency diaper change, you want to have everything close at reach.

Don’t be afraid

Axel and I discussed the trip, and we both agree that planning a road trip with a 3-month-old baby is stressful. On the other hand, we also agree that we should not be afraid of traveling with Leo. I know that I was worried about so many things, but looking back, I can say that road tripping with a 3-month-old baby is not as bad. When things get worse, the best advice is to take a much-needed break, so everyone is refresh before proceeding with the journey.

If you are a mama and traveled with a small baby, what advice would you share with us?

Hope you having a lovely summer vacation.

Thank you for reading!

3-month-old baby -Twenty7bymichelle
3-month-old baby -Twenty7bymichelle
3-month-old baby -Twenty7bymichelle
3-month-old baby -Twenty7bymichelle
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  1. July 29, 2019 / 4:06 pm

    Sweet pictures! And I think you guys do so well at parenting. Happy to finally meet Leo. He is so adorable ♥

    • August 8, 2019 / 8:38 pm

      Oh, parenting is so hard but we are trying. Thank you so much!

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