My Pregnancy Experience Update

Ever since I announced my pregnancy, I have gotten many messages from so many of you. Thank you for all the congratulatory messages. So far, the most asked question is “do we know if it is a boy or a girl?”. Before I share the gender of our baby, I thought it would be nice to share my pregnancy experience so far.

First trimester

During my first trimester, my mornings were tough, even after a good night sleep. Between 10-11 am, I would be so sleepy that I had to take quick power naps to refreshen up. My only cravings at that time were salty things, like fries, crisps, and crackers. Eating small pieces of lemon and ginger helped with nausea. I was lucky; I did not throw up at all. My energy level was as it was during pre-pregnancy, and I would go to the gym and manage my daily workouts and runs with no complications. Having sex felt normal and dressing the belly for most of the time, was easy.

Second Trimester

Though I was reasonably energetic, on this trimester, I slowly started to experience fatigue. Finding clothes to wear was beginning to be a challenge. I only wore my usual jeans and wanted to keep them on for a longer time. With a growing belly, I tried the rubber band trick, but that did not last for long. My sister in law gave me some maternity jeans that fitted me well. My old tops, which most of them are a size bigger than my usual size were on constant rotation. And perhaps, another reason why most people did not notice that I was pregnant, as they hid my belly. My face skin started to clear from a bad breakout that I had after traveling to Kenya.

To keep stretch marks away, I made sure to oil the belly, thighs, and butt with coconut/olive oil twice every day. I still had salty cravings, but then, I started eating all sorts of fruits. Again, working out was as usual.

Towards the end of the trimester, a few things happened. First, my body was starting to reject fast and long runs. Instead, I combined walking with jogging and managed to lift weights. Second, As my doctor explained, and due to the growing baby, the muscles between my ribs were straining. I could not sleep on either side due to pain. I slept sitting 😃 with lots of pillows around me. Regardless of the pain, I was able to smile as soon as I started feeling the baby’s first movements. And last, I had breathing problems when talking. Luckily, it did not last for long.

Third trimester

This trimester is the hardest. The lack of flexibility, uncomfortable lower back pains make me feel helpless, as I now depend on Axel for help. I completely stopped running because of Braxton hick contractions. Instead, I walk and jog in a low to moderate speed for an hour or so. I am cautious when lifting, as it depends on how my body feels and what it can on my specific workout days. My face skin is clear, and I love how it looks.

I am experiencing a lot of kicks lately, and some of them are so extreme that I can see the baby’s legs and arms almost popping out of my skin❤️. Certain discomforts from the first and second trimester are now back. Toilet visits are frequent especially in the nights, and lately, I can’t sleep much. I am up from 2-3 am. On a good day, I can go back to bed at 6 am for an hour’s sleep before classes. Afternoon power naps are my lifesaver at the moment.

So far, I have not experienced any food aversion. Fruits like mango, oranges and iced water are my current cravings. Most of my dresses and tops no longer fit me, so I am currently searching for alternatives. Due to the rapid growth of both the baby and my stomach, I got the DAMN stretch marks, which made me sad, I cried for a week 😅. It is safe to have sex but to me, it does not feel glamorous during this trimester. The baby’s head has dropped down ready for birth. It is causing a lot of pressure and pain on my lower back. So, having sex is uncomfortable.

Despite all this, I feel good that I am still active, though not as before, I can manage to exercise and attend lectures at the university. With only five weeks left before due date, I am excited to see the changes that my body will be going through in this last stretch.

Thank you for reading! And, see you next week, as I will reveal the gender of our baby.

Pregnancy Experience Update - Twenty7bymichelle
Pregnancy Experience Update - Twenty7bymichelle
Pregnancy Experience Update - Twenty7bymichelle
Pregnancy Experience Update - Twenty7bymichelle
Pregnancy Experience Update - Twenty7bymichelle
Pregnancy Experience Update - Twenty7bymichelle
Pregnancy Experience Update - Twenty7bymichelle
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