Necessary Steps When Organizing Makeup

It is time to clean our makeup storage. Yup! I know you are wondering what the purpose of organizing makeup, but I can confidently mention that I have noticed our beauty products do have an expiry date. It is crazy to think about it, mostly because I am not keen on looking when my products expire. I assume that using expired beauty products can harm our skin. So, on this post, I want to share a few necessary steps that I found useful when organizing my makeup.

  • Put everything on the floor – you want to get a good overview of all your beauty products.
  • Organize products based on categories – you want to pile them in face (mascara foundation, blushes) hair, brushes, serums, oils, etc.
  • Check expiry date – after categorizing them, you want to see when the products are expiring.
  • Choose what you need – this can be tricky, but I believe that it is possible to keep only the beauty products that are essential from each category.
  • Clean each makeup bottle before putting it back – you might be shocked how filthy those bottles are with dirty makeup.
  • Giveaway or trash old makeup – you may have some makeup that is old and can be throw away. I do also believe that you may also have makeup that has never been. Instead, you can donate or give it to friends or family. Another option is to do a giveaway on your social media platform.

Would love to hear how you cleaning and the steps you follow when organizing your makeup.

Thank you so much for reading!

Organising Makeup - Michelle Bastholm
Organising Makeup - Michellebastholm
Organising Makeup - Michellebastholm

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