My November List

It is mid-month already, and a lot has been happening and my November List looks long. Well, the job search is getting super intense this month. After getting so many rejections, I have decided to search for internships, and perhaps I will find a match. The idea is to close the gap between the time I graduated and get a new job. So, I am super excited about this challenge.

With winter days getting shorter and darker each day, I get sensitive during this time of the year. Therefore, I will spend extra time taking care of my mental health and doing things that bring me joy. Below is my November List.

November intentions

  • Decorate for Christmas – To put me into the festive mood, I will be adding some Christmas decorations in the house. I do not have much in the storage, so I plan to buy a few in the coming days. 
  • Sort out Leo’s clothes – Babies grow so fast, and I have a pile of clothes that need to be sorted either for sale or giving to friends. 
  • Sort out my shoes – If you read this post, you know that I have changed my closet, and I have shoes that I do not wear anymore. I prefer to give them to friends as gifts. Hopefully, they will find a happy home.
  • Buy Christmas gifts – gift shopping is always stressful, especially during this season. I may be late, but I will try to buy all gifts in November to avoid a last-minute rush. 

I am excited 

  • Because for the first time, I plan to book a facial treatment as a birthday gift to myself. 
  • I am taking some SEO online courses, and it is super exciting getting an in-depth understanding of the search engine and keywords in general.

Looking forward to 

  • Our seventh anniversary. I have known Axel for 7years, and it feels like it was the other day I met him. We celebrate our anniversary on my birthday, as it is the same day we started dating. 

I miss 

  • Home – it is during this time of the year that I get more emotional, and the festive mood does not make it better for me. Every Christmas away from home reminds me of how much I miss my family. Gladly, I have Whatsapp, and we can talk and video chat whenever possible. Thank goodness for technology and digitalization. 
I am proud of myself.
  • Ever since I shared this post on how to face rejection, I have become better at keeping my head high and moving on to the next application real quick. I am proud of myself because rejections can be painful and demotivating.

How is your November list looking like? I would like to hear about your plans. As always, Thank you for reading!  

Pictures by both Axel and I

November List - Michellebastholm
November List - Michellebastholm
November List - Michellebastholm
November List - Michellebastholm
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