Hello 2020 and How we celebrated New Years Eve as First Time Parents

After a traditional family dinner, we celebrated New Year’s Eve with my husband and our son at home. Leo who normally goes to bed at 7pm could not fall asleep due to the fireworks. People were already warming up, and all the noise distracted him. Poor little man! I was worried that he will not sleep at all, but at 11pm, he feel asleep, and did not react to the loud noises.

Axel and I were tired, so we decided to chill on the couch while watching old movies. We both feel asleep. In a lighting speed, I woke up confused, as I thought we missed the fireworks, only to realize that it was 5 mins to midnight. Our plan was to share a glass of champagne, but that did not happen. 😀 To tell you the truth, we were overly tired. Thirty minutes later after midnight, we decided that we had seen enough fireworks, and jumped in bed. Our first day of 2020 consisted of lazy morning at home, and later, a walk in town which was so refreshing.

We hope that your news years eve was not as boring as ours and that you got to celebrate it with friends or family and had good vibes. May this year be the year you achieve all you have always dreamed of.

Happy New Year!

New Year 2020
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