New October Week and Progress With Semester Project

New October week! We have had decent nights lately. I can’t figure out if Leo is sleeping better after we got him a new bed, or if he just been through a phase that was I was unable to detect. Either way, I feel so good, and I cross fingers that our nights will get even better because I need the sleep to be able to function when writing my project.

Over the weekend, a few Kenyans and I gathered together. What made me happy is that I was able to re-connect with old friends. I spoke much Swahili than I do daily , apart from this few weeks, as my sister is on a visit. We had a buffet of Kenyan food too. I might have overeaten, as I went home with a stomach so full and painful at the same time, but I can’t complain at all.

My sister took Leo to baby songs today at the church. It’s a great way to activate a baby at his age, and Leo loves it. He slept three hours straight when he came back home. Something that never happens. I assume he was super tired from playing with the other babies.

I still writing the first part of the project, which takes a reasonable amount of time. At this moment, everything is going on well, but as my first university project that I am writing alone, I can say it is a different experience. I have control over how I use my time. However, it can be challenging when I have an idea and would like to discuss it. So far, I have a good overview, and I plan to meet my supervisor soon. I have some questions regarding the project.

How are you spending time during this fall season? When I am not behind the computer, I am going for walks and snapping pictures. Other than that, I am ensuring to workout either at home or the gym. Axel and I are also running together, and it feels incredible.

Thank you for reading! I wish you a lovely week ahead and looking forward to talking to you soon, again.

Pictures shot by Axel on a rainy day

Shoes: Gifted by Woden

October week - Twenty7bymichelle
October week - Twenty7bymichelle
October week - Twenty7bymichelle
October week - Twenty7bymichelle
October week - Twenty7bymichelle
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