My May List

I started this month with a terrible migraine, which has lasted three days. The last time I had such a headache was back in 2011-2012, which I suspect was related to stress. The throbbing pain comes and goes. Despite the rough start of May, I am taking care of myself. I feel confident that it will getter, and I will be back to my usual healthy self.

Plan for May
  • Visit a new city – One of the things that I want to do more is to visit a new city that I have never visited before. Denmark has really beautiful cities and it is my plan to discover them one at a time.
  • Videos and photography – I have edited so many of my pictures in April. In May, I plan to go out and shoot more videos for my YouTube channel and pictures for the blog
I am hoping
  • That I will find remedies that can help me get rid of a migraine. The remedies should not be pills related, and I am crossing fingers that it will not take long to heal.
  • That it will be warmer and less windy. I am longing to wear my summer clothes. And, I also want to try some new pieces that I bought the other day for Spring/Summer
I am extra grateful
  • For Leo’s daycare mom, and all the help we are getting during these times.
  • For the two girls that I am working with on master thesis project
I am excited that
  • Things are gradually getting back to what felt like normal before the lockdown
  • In a few days, my group and I will be done with writing the project. We will spend the next week working on re-reading and making corrections.
I am reading
  • I am currently listening to an audiobook called “The Choice Factory,” which is marketing related. The author shares 25 biases that affect customers when making choices of what to buy. It is a book worth a read if you have a brand, or if marketing is an area of interest for you.
My May List
My May List
My May List
My May List
My May List

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