My March List

It is finally Spring!!!! This March, the weather in Dk has been so good. It is sunny and getting warmer. Going for walks these days feels so refreshing, and the smell of the blooming flowers is a sign that we are now in the springtime.

A lot has changed due to the unavoidable situation, and because of this, I had to find ways to adapt. The transition was not easy and was forced to put some things on hold including sharing posts. Luckily, things are looking good at the moment, and I am taking only one day at a time. In addition, I am also keeping a positive mindset and enjoying the things that I took for granted before the lockdown even much more.

My March intentions

  • Listen to two audible books – I am finding joy in listening to books and this month I promised myself to listen to two books. My first book is The Success Principles which I liked so much. Right now, I am listening to It’s Not Over Until You Win.
  • Master thesis writing – I had to prioritize and fully focus on writing the thesis. And, so far it is going well and hopefully, there will not be any delays that will prevent us from beating our deadline.
  • Spring cleaning – as the weather gets better and days start to be longer, my house needs some thorough spring cleaning. I’m taking one room at a time.
  • Skipping the rope – I started doing it last year and I am getting better and better with practice. However, I want to skip more on a daily basis for 15 minutes. I try to do it during my small breaks or after lunch, and it is working great so far.

Looking forward to

  • Having a normal life again once the current situation is behind us.
  • Getting things done and not stressing about life at the moment.
  • More sunny days.
  • We have zero plans – so I look forward to taking one day at a time.

I am grateful for

  • For waking up every morning and seeing the light of another beautiful day
  • That I am a mom – Being a mom is super hard, but having Leo is a blessing.
  • The lovely sunny weather we have had these last couple of days.

I am scared of

  • Losing my loved ones because of the virus
  • getting the virus and transmitting it others without knowing it

I hope you had a lovely March. Thank you for reading and talk soon, again!

March List
March List
March List
March List
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