My June List

My June List. Finally, June came, and the Danish summer is here. It feels great to wear my summer clothes, which I have been looking forward to style in different ways for the warmer day. I handed in my master thesis earlier this month. Ever since, most of my days have been spent preparing for the exam. However, I can feel a change in how I prepare myself for the exams. As a mom, time may feel rushed, at least in my experience. Lately, I find myself working for a few hours in the evening before bedtime. It is working okay so far.

I am looking forward to finishing my exam so that I can spend more time with Axel or do other personal things that I have been putting aside for a long while now.

My June Intention

  • Master thesis presentation which is happening this Thursday early in the morning. I can’t wait to finish school
  • Finish listening to The Female Brain book, which I started a week ago.
  • Workout in the fitness again as the fitness centers have opened again since lockdown in March. This has also sparked a lot of motivation to work out again
  • Garden work as there is a lot to do in our small garden. After the exam on Thursday, I have plenty of time to tend it.
  • See friends frequently because I have not had smooch human contact other thinly family here in DK, and I need more cozy time with friends

Looking forward to

  • Having more video calls with my mom. I always get so happy after talking to her and my sister
  • A planned trip to Flensburg in German in July
  • Visit family friends that have not seen since last year in April

I am excited

  • To see how life unfolds itself once I am done with studies
  • I will soon start to search for a new job.

I am not excited about

  • My periods which came back 3-4 months ago and every time have them, I feel confused. I am also getting terrible PMS than I ever before.

That was it for today and my June list. hope you are doing well. As always, Thank you for reading and talk to you soon.

Photos on this post are shot by Axel, Benya and I on different occasions

June List - Michelle  Bastholm
June List -  Michelle  Bastholm
June List -  Michelle  Bastholm
June List -  Michelle  Bastholm
Michelle Bastholm

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