My July List

My July List. Ever since I finished my studies a few weeks ago, it feels weird to wake up in the morning without worrying about uni-projects. So far, I love the less stressful days, and I have already picked up on the things that I have not done in a long time.

My July intentions

  • Baking – I am gaining a sweet-tooth, and it is getting out of control, lately. I am baking and ensuring that I use less sugar, which Axel does not like. He likes sugary stuff, but so far, it is going well.
  • Exercise/run twice a week – Planning to either workout or go for a run twice a week. I lost all my muscles during the lockdown. Right now, I am focusing on getting my body to exercise again.
  • Sewing – I have a few pieces in my closet that need to be adjusted. The idea is to avoid buying new clothes. I have lost a few inches, and I need to work with what I have.

I am excited

I am currently

  • I am eating fewer carbs since last year, mid-December. I notice so much change. I feel lighter, less bloated, and when I am out for runs, I ran longer with minimal breaks as I don’t experience fatigue as I did before.

Looking forward to cathing up with you so soon.

Take care …x

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