My August List

Leo and I have both been sick this month of August. Out of the blues, on what felt like a usual day, I felt dizzy and a hot/burning sensation on my left side of the stomach. It went so fast, and in less than 5 mins, I was throwing up. I rarely get sick, and the last time I threw up was when I was three months pregnant. So, I was shocked and a bit confused. And, no, I am not pregnant!  Based on the symptoms that Leo had, we had to take a corona test. The results came out negative. Leo is back to daycare, which gives me more time to get things done.

My August intentions are
  • Talk to the doctor and find out if I have any health problems that need attention. I am still in shock as I usually do not get suddenly sick.
  • Read a book – I am currently listening to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I love this book so much as I resonate with it in so many ways. I’m not a spoiler, but she talks about the creative process and why you should create happily beyond your fear. It is the kind of book, I want to read again.
I am looking forward to 
  • Job search – Now that I am back in my new routine, job searching is now part of my daily activity, and I am excited to see how it turns out. 
  • Shooting with Benya. It has been a while since I last shot pictures with Benya, so I am looking forward to creating some good shots with her, again.
  • Having time with two of my girls – I have not been with Helena and Fortune for a long time. I recently bumped into them in the city. We have the plan to meet before the end of this month for some girls’ fun time.
  • Thrifting – I found a thrifting shop which has now become my favorite place to shop. I am buying fewer new clothes and leaning towards to pre-loved items. So, far my closet is half full of thrifted clothes.
I will listen to 
  • The Outlandish Voice – A podcast by My friend Thereza .share stories about the outlander. As an immigrant in Denmark, I related to the podcast in so many ways. It is worth listening if you are an outlander living and integrating yourself into a new country like I am. There is a new episode coming soon.
  • Michelle Obama’s podcast on Spotify – In the first episode, she invites Barack as a guest. They both talk about “relationships that make us who we are.”
I want to challenge myself to 
  • In August, I want to run 5km every day (maybe for a week or two) – The challenge is going well than I expected, and my body is responding well. I plan to continue with the challenge for another week.

As always, thank you for reading! I willbe talking to you soon, again.

Pictures shot by me, Michelle

August - Michelle Bastholm
August - Michelle Bastholm
August - Michelle Bastholm
August - Michelle Bastholm
August - Michelle Bastholm
Michelle Bastholm

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