My April List

So far in April, I have had both good and bad days. Good because I feel so motivated and have so many ideas that I am making sure to write them down before I forget them. The bad days consist of tears, sadness, and hormonal breakout and lack of having control of fear of things that may or may not happen in the future. I am slowly trying to find peace bits of hope and all positive things that I can hold on to.

April Intentions
  • Start a new series – Axel and I loved watching “big little lies” series, and we both loved it. Now, we will start on another series called “little fires everywhere.”
  • Clean the backyard- we have been having a pile of branches lying behind the house, and I think it is time to get ourselves together to either cut them into small pieces, so we can use when lighting up the fireplace or take them somewhere for recycling.
  • Edit pictures – I shoot a lot of photos, but I do not edit as I should. So, this month, I am dedicating my time during the evening to re-and edit all the pictures I have shot in the last few weeks.
  • Spring clean my makeup storage – I have not cleaned out my beauty products in months now, and I think it is the time to clean and sort them out

I am excited

  • Because after the lockdown in Dk, society is gradually opening up. And, this gives me hope that things are getting better.
  • Leo back is back to the daycare, which means more time for the master thesis

Feeling grateful

  • That I get to see a new day, and I feel healthy at least for now.
  • Talking to my mom and my sister. It is truly a blessing to see them on video.
  • The two girls Camilla and Kathrin that I am working on the thesis. It has always been lovely to work with them, and I am going to miss them after our final exam at the university in June

Looking forward to a month full of positive happening!

Photos by Benya before lockdown

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