Events From Last Days And One Day Trip To Vejle

We came home the other day from a one day trip to Vejle. For some reason, I realize that almost every year, and during fall, we are in Vejle. Either to visit family or just having fun. Last time, we were there for a baptism celebration. This time, it was family time. As I grow older, and now that I am a mom, family moments together have become a favorite. Here is Denmark; life is busy. And, getting together for a day or so, makes me feel connected to the people that are close to us. Plus, I get to see, get hugs and have a conversation about the recent events that are taking place in life, and in general.

For so long, I’ve been wanting to shoot pictures from specific places in Vejle, but every time we down there, I get excuses, or something stopped me getting “the shot”. I did not want to miss the moment again, so this time, I had to be strategic about how we will spend time and how long it will take, at the two places, I had planned to shoot. Luckily, my whole crew aka Axel, his brother, Lars and his mom were so helpful. Leo was also with us. I’m glad I finally did it.

In this post, I will share with you pictures that I shot on my phone for the last few days. My favorite is the shot, where I am dancing under the umbrellas. It is also one of the places I wanted to visit in Vejle. I Hope you had a lovely weekend, and that you are full of energy and ready for agreat week.

White and Red sneaker are a gift from Woden

PS: I shared my first vlog ever from a recent trip to Berlin. You can watch the video here and see Leo’s best moments in the city.

White sneaker are a gift from Woden
Red sneaker are a gift from Woden
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