January Was Not Bad After All

It feels like ages ago since I posted on this space, and it finally feels good to be back. 

Last month that passed by so fast. In fact, I did not have a sense of what day it was. I had a well-packed schedule, and I am glad I did. Usually, in January, days seem long, dark and in most cases, I do not have the “I feel good” kind of energy. And, with the extended lockdown in Denmark, it was clear that things were not going as planned. However, I did a few things that have sparked joy and were part of helping kick the January blues. It also turned out that January was not bad after all.

Exercise every day – I have been getting consistent with moving my body on a daily basis and it has helped boost my energy and moods. At the moment, I walk a minimum of 10,000 steps and I make sure that I do other exercises such a core training to focus on my muscles and strengthen my body.

January - michellebastholm

Cleaning – We have been cleaning the house constantly for the last few days. I do not think my husband has done so much cleaning before. Getting rid of things that we no longer need has been relaxing. We have rearranged and created space for other things. Tell me that  I am not the only one that gets so happy when the house is tidy. 

Digital Marketing course – I may not have mentioned here before, but  completed a 6-week online digital marketing course. The course offered  the opportunity to adapt or put strategies into practice. I also enjoyed the topics we covered. 


SACKit Headphones – I got some new earphones delivered today from the post. SACKit gifted me the earphones. Both Axel and I love their earphones due to their high-quality music since we own one of the old earphones. I have been enjoying some banging music in my ears since I got them in January.. The earphones are so good. What I like most about them is the noise cancellation, which makes them possible to cut off any noise and concentrate only to your music or audiobook.

Artelier Aarhus Calendar – Axel’s mom gave me a new calendar as a birthday gift from Artelier Aarhus. The calendar is neat and I am enjoying jotting down my daily to-do list. A great tool to stay effective this year. 

January - michellebastholm

Wedding photography – I photographed a wedding in January. Due to the restrictions, only 5 people were available for the wedding. It was a short and intimate wedding, and the pictures turned out so good. I took Axel with me, in case I needed any help.

January - michellebastholm
January - michellebastholm

Leo’s development – He is more aware of his surroundings and started to use his imaginations. His vocabulary is growing and he is quick to say “no” or “stop”  to us when he does not like or interested in something. On some occasions, he gets infuriated, as he does not understand why we have to explain that it is dangerous to do this and that. Witnessing these changes is fun, and they bring joy too. 

YouTube Video – I finally posted a YouTube video which I had been postponing for a long time. I hope you will watch it.

Photography by Me, Michelle

That was it! A few things that sparked joy in January. As always, Thank you so much for reading. I will talk to you soon.

Michelle Bastholm

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