How to Support Black Lives Matter Movement

How to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement. Is it me or, does it feel that this year is full of surprises that leave us feeling shaken? The current happenings around the globe have left me feeling shocked, sad, angry, and, to some extent, feel helpless. Last week, my emotions got affected by how the police are getting brutal towards people of color. I feel guilty for not speaking up sooner, but this time I cannot be silent anymore. We demand change and transformation now than ever before in my country, Kenya, and globally.

There are several ways to initiate this change and support the black lives matter movement to stop police brutality. I am listing a few of them below.


Donate to any affected families. You can also donate to other fund-raisings that focus on helping with the current situation. For instance, you can search in GoFundMe to see different fund-raisings that are taking place and would like to support

Do not be silent

One of the biggest mistakes I have made is being silent regarding this issue. I have always thought to myself that my voice does not contribute to anything. Imagine if we all had the same thought? There will be no change if I don’t speak up or if we all don’t speak up. My idea is to create awareness in the most appropriate way possible. We initiate change when we choose to raise our voice about the current happenings.

Sign for petition

I was thinking to myself that being angry and continuously posting about black lives matter is not enough. Signing a petition may seem like a small act, which may seem not to have any impact. But joining other people who demand a change means that we all want justice and this brutality to end. In Kenya, you can sign in for this petitionand you can also sign in for the George Floyd petition.

Learn more about marginalised people

We can get even better at how we approach marginalized people. To do this, I recommend listening without judging, having conversations, and being mindful of others. Educating yourself, your family, and the people around you is supported by finding resources, for example, documentaries, Tv shows, or book that speak about marginalized people. Learning more about marginalized people will help avoid unconscious bias that may influence how people judge people of color.

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Quote Source: Victoria Lee
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Support Black Lives Matter Movement
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Support Black Lives Matter Movement
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Support Black Lives Matter Movement
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Illustration Source: Sacrée Frangine
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Support Black Lives Matter Movement
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