Sharing Happy Moments From The Month Of November

Today’s post is different as I am sharing happy moments that I experienced during November

Early morning breakfast

I used to have a bad habit of skipping breakfast in my early twenties until the mid of late twenties. I realized how beneficial it is to have my morning fuel and since then, I don’t feel grumpy and lack energy as I did. Sometimes during the week, I do get the chance to eat breakfast with Axel as early as 5 am in the morning. Then, there are those mornings when waking up is difficult and the snooze button becomes my best friend. I had a slow morning this past week. It was the best moment as I sat down, eat my breakfast and be in my own space and world

Supportive blogger event in Aalborg

I recently attended a blogger event accompanied by other lovely women. The evening was filled with good music, long convos, and drinks. I feel grateful that through this blog, I am able to meet other women who share the same interests.

Failed photoshoot but happy moments

We were out shooting the other day when the temperatures were not close to minus degrees. Although we did not get the kind of pictures that I wanted, I think we had an enjoyable evening. The fact that Axel sometimes pushes me to go out and take pictures makes me happy. It is all worth the time spend together as we look back and laugh about it.

Hanging out with my girls

Two of my uni friends and I are going out tonight. We will have dinner at my at a favorite spot in Aalborg and later have some cocktails and maybe hit the dance floor. Axel will be joining his colleagues for a Christmas party. So, none of us will be sitting home and eating chips by themselves.

It is my Birthday

I guess I am not the only one who gets excited when it is the weekend. What makes it even a more special weekend for me is the fact that IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I have mentioned it before that I don’t like to celebrate my birthday, but since I met Axel things changed. It is the second year in a row that we are getting away for my Birthday. This time, it will be in Viborg, a small city in central Jutland. We plan to drive early in the morning, so we can explore the town before it gets dark at 15:45 pm

Hope to hear some of your happy moments on the comment section below. Have a beautiful weekend.

Thank you for reading!

Happy Moments - Twenty7bymichelleHappy Moments - Twenty7bymichelleHappy Moments - Twenty7bymichelleHappy Moments - Twenty7bymichelleHappy Moments - Twenty7bymichelleHappy Moments - Twenty7bymichelleHappy Moments - Twenty7bymichelle

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  1. November 30, 2018 / 5:24 pm

    Loved reading this positive post Michelle!! It’s great to look back and reflect! And happy early birthday!!

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