Four Useful Tools to Help Stay Calm During Stress

As we are now approaching the festive season, missing my family gets intense and can have a significant impact on my emotions. To fight these emotions, I share four critical and useful tools that help me stay calm. 


Four Useful Tools to Help Stay Calm During Stress

I have been journaling since the start of 2020, and I am so grateful that I finally did it. Not only does it reduce my stress and anxiety, but it also allows me to free write my thoughts without thinking so much about them. I like going back at the end of each month and read. It is both hilarious and fun. It also puts me in a reflective mode. 

Get Physical 

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting physical and how it positively affects my moods.  

Four Useful Tools to Help Stay Calm During Stress

Whenever I feel like I am getting consumed by negative energy, I tend to force myself to go out. Either for a walk, a run, or a short and quick exercise. I do not always have good ideas for training, but YouTube is the platform I turn to when I need some inspiration. There are a few fitness accounts on Instagram that I love too. 

Do Something That You Love 

Photography is one of my biggest hobbies. I dream and think about it more than you can imagine. I am a completely different person when I photograph, and I find it so relaxing and rewarding, especially when I get the shot.

Lately, I have been loving gardening. Perhaps, it is because we own a house and have a small garden, but something about gardening is therapeutic. I have not painted since I was in art classes back in 2014. Now, I am back at it and learning how to paint using pouring acrylic paint. I have not gotten the results I am looking for yet, so I am still practicing. Doing something you love is satisfying, as the brain will love what you do and reward you with good and positive feelings


Four Useful Tools to Help Stay Calm During Stress

As a mom, lack of sleep is inevitable. I get jealous of people, including Axel, whenever I hear, “Hey, I had a good sleep” or “ I slept all night long.” I never realized how much I would want to have at least 4 hours of sleep without disruptions. Undisrupted nights means that I get to be productive and cheerful all day long.

Those are the four tools to help stay calm during stress. It would be interesting to hear about the tools you use to keep calm when you feel stressed or anxious?

Thank you so much for reading! Talk to you soon!

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