Five Self-Care Act Ideas That Spark Joy in Life

I was going through my blog and realized that it is two years ago since I last wrote a post about how to keep myself happy and positive plus things that made me happy. I decided to make an update. So, below, I share five self-care act ideas that spark joy in life and help me feel positive.

Stress Less

Worrying so much robs our joy and may fill us with anxiety, which I believe can affect our health. Personally, the more I worry, the more stressful I get. With past life experiences, it is not possible to eliminate stress or the things that make us worry. To stress less, we need to accept and find ways/solutions that help us reduce and deal with negative thoughts. It may not be easy at the start, but this self-care act needs a small step at a time and may lessen health problems that may be related to stress.

Spend time outside

It is tempting to spend more time inside, especially during this hard periods of self isolation. I am currently working from home, and it can make me go crazy and moody for no reason. However, I find that spending a few minutes outsides daily is linked to positive health benefits. Some reports suggest that being outside can make us feel happier.


We are always busy with life, work, school, and so many other stuff. And, this can make us feel like we are on autopilot, as things are moving fast around us. Taking time to relax is a personal favorite self-care act. I like to be alone listening to music, book, or just taking deep breaths as I reflect on life. Other times, I wake up early between 4 to 5 am, so I have time for myself. I find that quiet moments, and especially in the morning, makes me feel relaxed in my mind.

Give and help others

Have you ever helped someone and genuinely feel a sense of happiness? I already can feel you nodding to this question. There can be a debate on giving and helping others, as it can, in some cases, make us feel used or taken advantage of. In other cases, it connects people and can build strong relationships. Giving and helping others does not mean spending a huge amount of money or gifts on them. Another favorite to give and help others is to use kind words, giving time, sharing skills and ideas. I find that when I give my time and share kind words, it boosts my happiness to another level.


I am not a perfectionist, but I love organized spaces. For instance, I find that when my house is clean and decluttered, I feel more energetic and happy to do things. It also applies to other areas in my life, such as my phone. I like to experiment with different apps, so once a month, I will declutter my phone. I also like to declutter my social media platforms too. The idea of decluttering is to create space and mindfully choosing the things that need more attention.

Photography by me, Michelle

five self-care act
five self-care act
five self-care act
five self-care act
five self-care act

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