February Intentions

February Intentions! I have been looking forward to a heavy snow day, and it finally happened last week. One of my February intentions was to shoot self-portraits. Despite my camera getting wet, I think I love how the pictures turned out. I love photography because of the ideas that turn into creative results and the things I learn during the process.  Here is a link from 2016, the year I used to shoot many self-portraits. Do you notice the difference?😀

For my February plan


  • Finish some pending paperwork projects from late last year. 
  • Find a junior bed for Leo – we already did, which we bought used. At the moment, we are training him to sleep on his own. He is getting better, and we notice that he’s sleeping longer. For instance, since we got the bed, he has had an all-night sleep for two consecutive days. It is an improvement. However, he still has days where he will wake up 3-4 times a night. But,  I am hoping that he will be able to sleep an entire night for many days. We will see!


  • Axel’s Birthday is around the corner, and although we do not have anything planned, I may order dinner from outside and plan a small surprise for him. 
  • End of the extended lock-down – God knows how much we all miss going to the city and having what felt like everyday life before the pandemic. 


  • The days are brighter and longer. I have officially started to look forward to Spring. As I type this, the sun is shining, and that it makes me happy. 
  • Leo is having a winter vacation next week. He will spend a few days with his grandparents. We do not know how we will react to having him away, but I think he will have the best time. But one thing for sure, we will miss him. 


  • This month, I intend to have long conversations with my friends. We planned dates and had deep-dive conversations about life in general, our insecurities, and emotions. I would say that it has brought a sense of happiness having such conversations.

Thank you so much for readng. I wll see you in the next article soon.

Photography by Me, Michelle

February Intentions - Michelle Bastholm
February Intentions - Michelle Bastholm
February Intentions - Michelle Bastholm
February Intentions - Michelle Bastholm
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