Places That I would Like To Shop For Fall Statement Pieces

I am currently in a phase where I feel the urge to invest in fall statement pieces. The thing is, I am stingy with my money and would instead flash it on other things like camera accessories. When it comes to clothing, I have become an expert in buying cheap pieces that look good, depending on how I style them. And, although some of these affordable pieces don’t last long, I enjoy playing around styling them. I must say that my most loved items are from second-hand shops, and I like to keep them long, as I find them unique. Below I am sharing a few places that I would like to shop for fall statement pieces.

And Other Stories

I only discovered And Other Stories this year. I have been looking at their collections, and I like so many things. But, my most favorite are these chunky boots and these too that I think will look good with almost any outfit.

Den Grønne Ælling

It is a second-hand shop I discovered after I gave birth. They have clothes for small babies and women. I normally shop for Leo’s clothes in this shop. They are in good condition and almost new. Plus, I save lots of money, as I feel babies outgrow their clothes so fast. I have also bought some cute dresses and sweaters for fall.


Believe it or not, I am a huge fan of H&M for as long as I can remember since I came to Dk. For years, most of the clothes I owned in my closet were from H&M. After I started discovering other brands and mostly thrift stores, I have not shopped in H&M in a while. I recently saw that they have sweaters in lovely colors and are good at layering, especially in this cold season.

Butik Blossom

Butik blossom houses a mixture of Danish, Scandinavia, and International brands, and has some really nice pieces from most of the brands and especially dresses like this one I wore on this post. There are, of course, some pieces that cost beyond my budget, but again, it is possible to find something that will not leave my wallet dented like this selection of dresses.


I like the few pieces that I have bought from NA-KD including this skirt here. At the moment, I am eyeing a few pieces from their partywear collection which I like for New Year’s Eve and teddy coats in neutral colors that look so warm and cozy.

Which of these places would you like to shop? Thank you so much for reading.

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