The Truth About Why I Failed Last Month

I am sitting in our office after putting Leo to sleep with a cup of warm chocolate and questioning myself how is it possible that it is September, already? There is a sense of sadness in me, as I feel like I failed last month. During our summer vacation, I made a list of things that I wanted to accomplish before I start the Autumn semester. I had high expectations and was ambitious that I could do it.

I am studying Masters in International Marketing, and during the 3rd semester, we as students are encouraged to collaborate with companies. Students can have an internship, or a semester abroad or at any other university in Denmark. Well, for me, and with a 5-old month baby, the only option that seemed doable was writing a project without attending lectures.

So, one of the things on my list was getting the methodology part of my project done. And, perhaps re-write the introduction part which I wrote in June. I just wanted to be ahead of time, and none of these things happened. I failed, and what makes me even sadder is that I forgot that Leo is going through baby development. His sleep became unpredictable. He changed from taking a 2-3 hour nap during the day to 20-30 mins nap. Nonetheless, we did a lot together, and we both loved it. We took walks in town, went for runs, I took Leo to the library, and his facial expression was priceless everytime he saw small kids running around.

I have teary eyes as I write this post, because, even though I had good intentions with my project, I had “unrealistic” plans, and had high expectations. And, the reason why I failed. Axel is having a 5-week maternity leave. So far, he is doing a great job taking care of Leo for a couple of hours every weekday, as I work on the project.

Overall, I see such experiences as personal lessons and that I should not have such high expectations, as I am not only creating stress for myself, but also room for wrinkles 😀.

Hope you had a lovely weekend. Thank you for reading this post. Happy Monday and great week ahead!

Photos by Axel

Failed Last Month - Twenty7bymichelle
Failed Last Month - Twenty7bymichelle
Failed Last Month - Twenty7bymichelle
Failed Last Month - Twenty7bymichelle

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