Five Things on My December List

Beautiful Winter in Aalborg. With the smell of burned wood as I walk in the neighborhood, the Christmas lights, and the light scent of cinnamon spice brushing my nose these days when I am in town. It is crazy to think that the year is coming to an end. With all the events that took place, I can say that 2020 was surprising, unpredictable and stressful. There is no doubt that we have been tested and found it difficult to find ways that would help us adapt to the sudden changes. One thing I know for sure that I feel grateful for the lessons that I have learned in 2020. 

In today’s post, I will share five things on my December list that I plan to get done.

December List

  • Pack Christmas gifts 
  • Braid my hair. It has been years since I braided my hair, and I hope to do so before Christmas eve. 

I am Thrilled

  • Because last week, I started a digital marketing online course. So, far I like the topics that we have already covered, such as conversion optimization, user friendly, and content marketing. 
  • We received a gifted package with lots of chocolate from Aalborg Chokolade, and we have been indulging every day.

Looking Forward to 

  • Christmas eve, as we will celebrate Christmas at Axel’s mom.
  • New Year – I hope it is the year that I will say goodbye to unemployment. 

I Have to this holiday season  

  • Finish editing a pile of pictures, and back up all my files.
  • I will also be cleaning out old pictures on my drives. Mostly, my phone, I need more space since I am taking many photos and videos of Leo.

Long Family Conversation

  • My family and I are planning some long conversations in the upcoming days, and I am 

Photography by Me.

Chocolate package : Gifted* by Aalborg Chokolade.

December List
December list.
December list.
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