Blogging Mistakes I Made And How To Banish Them

I have been blogging for years now and looking back; I realize that I have made many mistakes. Blogging has been a learning journey and the reason why today, I am sharing with you the blogging mistakes I made and how to banish them entirely.

Not taking notes about my random ideas

One thing I have learned from blogging experience is that not all ideas I have in my head are worthy to talk about or share. But, it never hurts to write them down. Now, that I have trained myself to write my notes on the phone, they have become useful, and although I will not use all of them, they do help when I need to expand my ideas and thoughts.

Not asking for help

One good reason I emphasize on this is that I always run into problems with my blog. When it comes to the techy part of blogging, I’m not that nerdy. And, I remember how afraid I was to ask others for help. In fact, I would let small problems pile up until one time; I wasn’t able to handle it anymore. It is crucial to ask for a helping hand when needed. Otherwise, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and lost.

Not posting consistently

You know, I would post so randomly when I started my blog to a point where some of my readers would contact and ask if there was something wrong. I was inconsistent with the way I posted. Your audience will probably get confused and even decide to leave. And when they do, it is hard to get them back. To solve this, I think it was essential to find a strategic plan that would work with my schedule. Often, I  brainstorm topic(s) that interests me. I use Onenote to write everything down. I  also take pictures in advance and plan my next post. I have become much better, and now,  I post consistently.

Possessing about numbers

With blogging it is so easy to keep your eyes hooked on the number of people visiting your blog. To be honest, this can be disheartening whether you are starting out as a newbie or are an advanced blogger. Expectations are so high as we assume that everyone will read or visit our blogs. But that is not the case. Instead, I think it is essential to focus on engaging with the audience that you already have. Sure, we need more people, but it all starts with having a close relation. Plus, I think it also comes down with what you want to write and share. Think of, are my posts informative enough to teach my audience something new? Are the posts relevant and do they add value to the person who will read it? It took me a long time before I found out that these are the kind of posts that will bring a large number of people to the blog.

Copying what others are doing

Aahhh, I cannot emphasize enough on how ridiculous it is to copy what other people are doing. I see it all the time; this is what kills many of us bloggers. You see when we copy others, we not trying to come up with a new idea. We are presenting the same content that has been shown by someone else, and that, in my opinion, is EXTREMELY dull and boring content. People have already seen it. The idea is to think out of the box and do things in a completely different way. Be creative whether it is how you shoot pictures or how you write. This way, you create your unique style or voice that will make people come back for more.

Okay, guys! That was it! The blogging mistakes that I have made and how to banish them entirely. I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any mistakes from your blogging experience, please share with me in the comments below. We are all learning.

Thank you so much for reading. Talk to you super soon

Sending “sunny” smiles from Aalborg, Denmark.

Styled and Directed by, me, Michelle 

Pictures by Axel

Blogging Mistakes - Twenty7bymichelleBlogging Mistakes - Twenty7bymichelleBlogging Mistakes - Twenty7bymichelleBlogging Mistakes - Twenty7bymichelleBlogging Mistakes - Twenty7bymichelleBlogging Mistakes - Twenty7bymichelleBlogging Mistakes - Twenty7bymichelleBlogging Mistakes - Twenty7bymichelle

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