Hi, everyone! I’m Michelle. Born and raised in Kenya, I am currently living in a charming city, Aalborg, Denmark together with my boyfriend. Studying Economics and Business Administration at Aalborg University, I also work at Funcenter.dk, and I am style and fashion blogger at Twenty7. 

Shoe Lover was the original name of my blog when I started blogging in the summer of 2012. Besides my colleagues at Mc Donald’s, where I worked during the weekends and only in the nights, I had no friends. Blogging was an escape from boredom and a way to keep me busy during the summer holiday. Now known as Twenty7, I will use this outlet to share my personal style and my interest for fashion hoping to inspire and learn from you all. I believe fashion is all about acknowledging your style, being confident and loving yourself.

 I might not be that kind of girl who owns or knows so much about every designer brands out there, but I honestly do love clothes. Zara, ASOS, H&M and thrift shops are some of my favorite places to buy affordable pieces. 

I got interested in learning photography, and I have been shooting my blog pictures for over a year ago. love this learning process and expect to see more beautiful photography on Twenty7. 

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