6 Ways That Will Help us Work Effectively from Home

Six ways that will help us work effectively from home. It’s been hard to post for the last weeks. I was dealing with a high level of stress and anxiety after Denmark lock down everything. Nothing prepared me for the new changes, and because of that, life felt challenging. Fast forward to today, I have gotten used to the changes, and I’m finding positive things in the situations. One thing I have learned is that I will never take freedom for granted again. I realize how much it means to freely go out and do whatever I like or wish to do. 

Since the majority of us are working from home, I share 6 ways that will help us work effectively from home while we are self-isolating ourselves.

Create a workspace

You need to make sure that there is a corner in your home that separates you mentally from the rest of the house or apartment. You don’t need extra stuff. Just work with what you have. The idea to make a space where you will treat it the same way as you treat your office workspace. It will help you focus, and as a result, you will be able to get things done. 

Plan your day like a boss

The idea of planning your day is to make sure that you stick to things that are work or school-related. You ensure that you don’t miss anything, and avoid disrupting your day with unnecessary plans. Breaks should also be included. You can plan your day the night before or early in the morning. For me, I find that it works best when I do it the night before. Then, I have a few mins to spare and catch up with emails before I get started with my day.

Dress up

So, working from home can be tempting to wear lazy clothes. In my opinion, and in most cases, I find myself less productive when I do so. It is like, I am caught in a  cozy bubble. And, it can be hard, dressing up as if it is a normal workday. But it sets the mood and makes you feel that you ready to face the day. 

Drink your water

I used to forget to drink water when I first started working from home. Lately, I use an app that reminds me of when to drink water. Having a bottle of water beside your desk will help stay hydrated throughout the day. 

Take small breaks

You have planned your day and you getting things done, but are you taking your breaks? I like to have a 5 mins break after every hour or so. I adopted this habit from the university. Work or school can be overwhelming during these hard times. Stepping away from the computer for 5 mins will help you stay productive and focused. It is a short moment to breathe which can be calming for the mind. 

Don’t forget to communicate

Keeping in touch when self-isolating is essential. There are several communication tools that you can use. For example,  I am staying in touch with my group through messages on Facebook, Skype video calls. Using the Zoom app works great for team video chats. I recently used Instagram video, which seemed to work fine. Using all these communications tools help stay in touch and help each other whenever possible. We are also able to have meetings with our supervisor. Keeping in touch keeps things moving forward. 

So, that was it for today. These are the 6 ways that I am practicing during social distancing and will help us work effectively from home.

How are you getting things done from home? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you for reading!

Photography by me: Michelle

Work effectively from home
Work effectively from home
Work effectively from home
Work effectively from home

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