5 INTENTIONS on March List 2021

Although it is officially Spring, I have to say that it feels like it is winter. We have freezing days up here in North Jutland.  I am not ready for a prolonged winter, as I am longing for the warmer weather. As we wait for the sunny days ahead, below are my 5 INTENTIONS on March List.

  • Read two books – I have been consistent with my reading these past months, and I feel proud of myself.  Since I am out walking or running more often, reading has become easier, and the reason why I am planning to read two books.  I use Audible. It works perfectly fine for me, as I never have the time to sit and read, and if I do, I definitely fall asleep. Anyone else falls asleep after reading a few pages of a book?
  • Walk 100,000 steps every week – I looked at my Fitbit weekly results, and I noticed that I accumulated a little over 100,000 steps last week. Every week, I will need to walk a little over 14k steps to reach the same goal. This week so far is going well. However, there are days when I need to motivate myself to reach my goal. 
  • Bake – we visited Axel’s mom a while back on the weekend, and she served us oat bread, and I loved how moist it was. I already asked her for the recipe, and I am planning to give it a try. The bread will be perfect for afternoon tea/coffee.
  • Buy me flowers – I am a huge advocate of treating oneself to either celebrate a small win or simply because I want to boost my moods. I realized that it has been over a year since I bought myself a nice bouquet. There is nothing to celebrate, but I have managed to overcome so many emotions connected with my job search, and I surely deserve some flowers. 
  • Donate my coffee money to Ayah – I have promised myself that I will not buy coffee this month when in town. Instead, I will be donating my money to Ayah, who is seeking Zolgensma. The most expensive treatment for kids with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) before they turn two years. Are you on Instagram? Please support Ayah on her page here.

That was my 5 INTENTIONS on March List. I hope you will have a great month ahead. Thank you for always catching up with my posts. 

Photos shot by me, Michelle

5 INTENTIONS on March List
5 INTENTIONS on March List
5 INTENTIONS on March List
5 INTENTIONS on March List
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