5 Exciting Things About Autumn

What excites you about Autumn? Other than the rainy and not so cold winter in Kenya, I never had before experienced Autumn. I still remember when I first traveled to Denmark. It was on the 15th of September 2009. What struck me most was the crisp air that felt like it cut me in the lungs. As a Kenyan, I had a hard time trying to understand how it could be sunny and cold at the same time. But as weeks passed by, I noticed the change in colours of the trees and misty mornings. Since then, I fell in love with Autumn, and it has become my most relaxing and calming season. Below, I share 5 exciting things about Autumn.

Why Autumn is Slow and Cozy

Unlike summer, where most activities are outside due to the long sunny days, this season kind of sets a slow pace to things. Slow and cozy indoor activities replace outdoor activities. As an active person who loves being out in nature, this may sound contradictory. But, I do love the slow pace with fewer events and plans for the weekends and snuggles with a blanket. 

Comforting Food and Drinks For the Season

My summer salads and grilled food have been replaced with big bowls of soups. Chicken and pumpkin soups are my favorite with garlic bread or crusty croutons.  Hot chocolate topped with cream and cinnamon or a cup of flavored tea makes the evening more snuggly, especially with a good blanket and an audio-book. Besides, pancakes are my biggest weakness during this season, and for some reason, it is not a good pancake day without springling them with caramel sauce. So. Delicious. 

Chunky Sweater Weather and Boots

If you like me, then chunky sweaters are the most worn pieces in the closet. I like the feeling of being wrapped in a cozy sweater. They are easy to layer with jackets and scarves. Ankle boots are my to-go shoes, and I find that they are versatile and super easy to style with most outfits, at least in my closet. 

It is not Autumn without Halloween

I have never being a fan of Halloween until we moved into a house. Each Halloween, we get a visit from kids who want candies. We do not put much  effort into decorating for the event, but I am always ready with a basket full of treats for the kids. However, this year, we had zero visits due to corona. Maybe, next year when things get better, we will do some spooky Halloween themed decoration and dress up for the event.

Taking a Break

Who wants to be outside gardening in this cold? Like many other things, garden work will come to an end and resume again in the Spring. However, I promised myself that I would do small things here and there whenever I feel like during the weekends. The idea is to avoid lots of garden preparations for Spring next year.

So, that was it! The 5 exciting things about Autumn. I am so curious to know what gets you excited during this season.

Thank you so much for reading!

5 Exciting Things About Autumn
5 Exciting Things About Autumn
5 Exciting Things About Autumn
5 Exciting Things About Autumn
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