10 FUN IDEAS to Try in March.

Happy New Month! 10 Fun Ideas to try in March

I just noticed on my Instagram feed that a large number of people are posting about Spring. I do not blame them. Let us be honest, who is not happy that days are becoming longer? And that the first Spring flowers are popping out on the ground? The fact that the society partially opened since the lockdown in December is the icing on the cake. There is hope now that we can finally start doing a count down to Spring. I hope that, perhaps, things are getting better. 

As we are soon saying goodbye to winter, in today’s post, I share 10 fun ideas to spice up March. 

  1. Plan what to do in the garden – this will be fun, as March is the perfect time to figure out how to maintain the garden and which flowers to plant. 
  2. Cleaning the closet and home – I like the idea of cleaning out and packing away my winter clothes. Cleaning the home becomes essential if you are interested in transitioning to the warmer season. 
  3. Acknowledge all the women legends – It is soon International day. Have a list of women that inspire you and tell them that you see, celebrate them and that they are awesome. 
  4. Support local business – We know how affected the shops around us during this pandemic and after the lockdown. Our support will mean so much to them. 
  5. Celebrate Spring – There is nothing so refreshing as a fresh bouquet in the house to celebrate Spring while waiting for Summer.  Even better if you are supporting a local floral shop. 
  6. Try a new dish-  I have not been innovative with what we eat lately. So, this is the time to try new dishes and recipes. I am thinking of signing up for grocery subscriptions to see if I will get inspired. 
  7. Pedicure and Manicure – Who else tends to hide their feed in socks? I am guilty! Well, a little self-care pampering your feet and nails will work for sure spice things up. A good tip from me, try pastel colors and tell me what you think. They are my absolute favorite colors in SPring.
  8. Schedule a short walk every day – We are busy at work, searching for jobs, and consuming media.  A little walk every day will allow us to unplug from everything and breathe. 
  9. Schedule a family fun day – I think creating time for a family like a walk in the forest, picnic in the park, or any other activities creates great family bondage. I am always looking forward to family fun days.
  10. A new project – For instance, a DIY project for easter, painting, or doing collages. A project that is simple and super fun. 
10 Fun Ideas try in March - Michelle Bastholm
10 Fun Ideas try in March - Michelle Bastholm
10 Fun Ideas try in March - Michelle Bastholm
10 Fun Ideas try in March - Michelle Bastholm
10 Fun Ideas try in March - Michelle Bastholm
Michelle Bastholm

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  1. Benya Suwan
    March 7, 2021 / 4:06 pm

    Such a good list! I will try one of them. Thanks for sharing 🥰

    • March 8, 2021 / 10:58 am

      I am glad you like them. WOuld love to know which one you would try. thank you and wish you a lovely Monday 🥰

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